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Event Tents

Discover our wide range of standard components and accessories for our range of event tents. From roof, wall and flooring options to doors, ramps and canopies, we offer comprehensive solutions for your event. Our event tents are made from high-quality materials and can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

We are happy to offer further equipment or special solutions upon Enquiry

Roof Panelling

Single-skin PVC sheet for roof and gable ends in white or translucent
The flame-retardant PVC sheet certified to DIN 4102-B1 is best suited for event tent and industrial canopy and non-insulated temporary building roofs. The single-layer PVC sheet  is available translucent or opaque in a wide variety of colours.

Polyglass PVC sheet roof and gable ends
Our transparent PVC sheet allows even more light through the roof.

Side Panels

Plastic facade
The plastic facade ensures a higher-quality side appearance and, thanks to its strength, offers better burglary and weather protection.

The Iso-facade not only ensures a higher quality side appearance, but in addition to its better burglary and weather protection, it also offers additional thermal insulation.

Glass facade
With its appearance and stability, the glass facade represents the highest quality side panelling in the event sector. It is available in a wide variety of designs, such as with plastic or aluminium frames. They are also available with uninsulated or insulated glass, and in various colours and glass tints.

Glass sliding wall
In order to create openings for entrances and exits or window elements in various facade systems, the glass sliding walls can be installed in our facade systems and in accordance with the remaining side panelling can be visually adjusted.

PVC side awning
The flame-retardant PVC sheet is accredited to DIN 4102-B1 and is available translucent and in a range of opaque colours.

PVC side awning with window
Our side awning with windows ensures even more light on the side with its transparent elements and is an exceptional alternative to the white PVC sheet.

PVC polyglass side awning
Our transparent PVC sheet for even more light on the side is an exceptional alternative to the white PVC.


Wooden panels laid on top of steel substructure 
Laying wooden panels on a steel substructure is a proven, solid and cost-effective flooring system that is available with a traffic load of 350 or 500 kg/m².

Cassette floor
The visually appealing cassette floor is available with different wooden coverings and, with its light aluminium substructure, has a traffic load of 350 or 500 kg/m².

Heavy-duty floor
The heavy-duty floor is the most efficient floor system in our range, which can be quickly installed using a forklift or crane. In addition, it has a low transport volume compared to other flooring systems.


Single-leaf/double-leaf door
In order to create openings for entrances and exits in various facade systems, single and double doors can be installed in our tent systems.

Ramp inside/outside
To enable barrier-free access to our tent systems, we offer various entry and exit ramps made of steel and aluminium.

Several canopies are available separately from our doors, which visually complete your entrance area and provide weather protection for this area.

Transport frame
Our transport frames offer optimal protection for loading and storing all tent and accessory parts.

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