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With a Skyline tent you can ensure that your event becomes a real highlight. With our well thought-out single-storey or multi-storey constructions, you give your event a sophisticated and professional setting that is more than impressive. Whether for a corporate or sporting event, roadshows, exhibitions or for catering and hospitality at any event, Skyline tents are ideal for numerous occasions. We use a high-quality glazed facade system for our Skyline tents and all of them are manufactured at our production facility in Germany.

Our skyline tents have uninterrupted spans of up to 30m and each floor can be up to 4m tall. The length of the building can be added to ad infinitum so if plans change, we can quickly extend the existing design. With more than 60 years of experience, we support numerous satisfied customers around the World with their successful events.

Technical Benefits of our
Skyline Tents

Cantilever span 
of up to 30m

The length can be extended without limits

Side heights up to 4m 
(per floor)

Bespoke sizes and equipment available upon request

Examples of our
Skyline Tents


DOKA Skyline Event Building At World-Leading Construction Exhibition

Width: 30 m
Size: 1200 m²
Length: 40 m
Height: 8 m
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Skyline Tent With Innovative Pre-stressed Façade

Width: 15 m
Size: 600 m²
Length: 40 m
Height: 8 m
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Lifting Solutions Leader Rises To New Heights At Bauma 2022

Width: 25 m
Size: 500 m²
Length: 20 m
Height: 8 m
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What to Expect From a Skyline Tent
from HR-Structures

We are there for you from your initial consultation so that we can design the building to your exact specifications. We complete a full structural analysis and manufacture the Skyline tent at our German production facility. Finally, we deliver and professionally assemble your Skyline tent. For us, quality and service go hand in hand. As a professional company in the field of event tents and industrial halls we work at the highest level and are certified according to the current standards and guidelines. Find out more about our skyline tents now.


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Skyline Tents

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Customer Support

Our experienced and knowledgeable support staff are here to deliver the highest quality customer service worldwide.


Whether renting, financing or purchasing outright, we have the right package for your business.


HR-Structures is certified to the latest standards and guidelines in your territory.

Full Service

From production to transport to the fully assembled industrial building construction.

Made in Germany

All our industrial buildings and event tents are made to the highest quality and delivered from our production facility in Germany.

Design and Innovation

Product innovation in our technical department allows us to constantly develop our building products.

Questions and Answers


If you need a little more space and space for your event, perhaps even on two or more floors, Skyline tents are an excellent choice. They are ideal for almost every occasion and come in a wide range of sizes with bespoke dimensions and features upon special request. What always remains the same is the high quality of these 100% waterproof, UV-resistant and windproof (wind load according to DIN EN 13782: 102km/h) event structures. Combined with their immensely stable aluminium profile frame, Skyline tents make all events completely independent of the weather. Due to the smart design, assembly and dismantling is quick and transport is easily facilitated. With our Skyline tents, we can create single-storey or multi-storey grandstands, VIP lounges and much more for you.

Skyline tents are ideal for:

  • VIP accommodation
  • Sporting events
  • Presentation and sales areas
  • Weddings
  • Drinks and food halls
  • Major events such as fairs, Oktoberfest or other festivals
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • and much more.

When selecting a Skyline tent, you can choose between different models and adapt them to the size you need for of your event. 

We design and manufacture self-supporting spans of up to 30m and wall side heights of up to 4m per floor. The building length can be expanded ad infinitum.

Each Skyline tent is assembled from the highest quality materials to give it stability in all weather and on different surfaces. We pass on the advantages of lower production costs as well as low transport and assembly costs to you when you buy Skyline tents. HR-Structures delivers the highest quality and comprehensive service at an attractive price.

Only when an event takes place in the right atmosphere will it be an unforgettable experience for every guest. With a Skyline tent you can give your event that special touch. Don't compromise - choose first-class materials and well-thought-out design with innovative manufacturing technologies and a love of craftsmanship. If you value professionalism, reliability and adherence to deadlines, we are your high-end event partner with our Skyline tents.
Call us or fill out our contact form. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide any guidance for your next event.

Temporarily Installed Tents

The main feature of temporarily installed tents is the possibility of repeated assembly and dismantling in different locations. DIN EN 13782 specifies safety requirements which need to be observed at design, calculation, manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation, examination and testing of mobile, temporary installed tents covering more than 50m² ground area. We can supply an inspection book which will help with this process upon request.


PVC sheets
Industrial PVC sheet used in our marquees are extremely durable and can be used for many years depending on the use. Our marquees are quick to assemble and damaged sections can be replaced or repaired easily.

Aluminium and steel parts
The main elements of the framework consist of extruded aluminium profiles and galvanized steel joints.

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