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With over 60 years of experience, HR-Structures is a pioneer in aluminium-framed industrial buildings. Our unique lightweight structures range from simple canopies to uninsulated or insulated industrial constructions. We provide a comprehensive range of high quality, innovative industrial buildings built around aluminium frames. As specialists in the construction of these lightweight structures, we know how to fully exploit the advantages of the metal. Consequently, our industrial buildings are resilient, sustainable, cost-effective and can be built without the need for a foundation. As a family-run company, we have the highest standards of quality, performance and service. Our goal is to find tailor-made solutions for you and to build industrial buildings that fully meet your expectations.

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Full Service

From advice to construction and structural analysis through to delivery and assembly - our range of services is fully coordinated.


Building systems ranging from canopies to uninsulated or insulated temporary industrial buildings for a wide range of applications.

Fast delivery time

Do you need short-term space solutions quickly? We produce and deliver your ideal building in the shortest possible time.


Our high quality industrial buildings are made in Germany, cost-efficient and recyclable.

Service Life

Permanent buildings or a temporary solution? Rent or buy our lightweight aluminium framed industrial buildings depending on how long it will be in use.

Benefits of Our
Industrial Buildings

Cantilever span from 5m to 30m

Infinitely expandable building length

Wall heights up to 7.3m

High wind and snow loads

Ground anchoring with and without foundations

Temporary and permanent industrial building solutions

Bespoke building sizes and equipment available on request

Industrial Buildings From HR-Structures 
What Makes Them Special?

Temporary buildings have been used in a wide range of applications throughout industry for many years. They are particularly suited to manufacturing, logistics, wholesale and retail where temporary buildings provide fast, affordable space without compromising on quality or durability.


Here are just some of the many applications where temporary buildings give businesses a significant advantage:

  • Secure bulk storage
  • Racked warehousing
  • Fast storage for new contracts and unforeseen growth
  • Temperature controlled environments for sensitive and time-critical goods
  • Operational production
  • Packing and returns processing
  • Covered loading and unloading
  • Waste processing and storage
  • Attractive cover for sport courts, enabling all year round use
  • Cover from the weather for vehicles or as pedestrian links between buildings
  • High walls to accommodate large plant machinery and HGVs
  • Sales and exhibition areas
  • Maintenance and repair workshops.

Why Buy Industrial Buildings
From HR-Structures?

We are experts in the design and production of temporary industrial buildings through innovative technology and advanced engineering. At our production centre in Germany, we use 3 state-of-the art CNC machines and equipment that ensures the aluminium used for your building will be of the highest quality, finish and durability.


Compared to traditional permanent structures built on foundations, our temporary buildings are much faster to specify, manufacturer and erect.



Quality and strength

HR-Structures only provides the highest quality materials designed to meet all local building regulations. Our temporary industrial buildings are designed according to DIN EN 1991 to provide maximum protection and safety for your staff and goods. Only when an industrial building meets our strict quality inspection criteria does it leave our factory in Germany.


Our modular buildings can be specified in a wide range of widths. Buildings are customisable in 5m increments to any length and can be extended as needed. Additional windows can also be added at any time and there’s a wide range of doors, windows and internal features to choose from.


Our high quality, modular aluminium frameworks can be erected on site without the need for a foundation. Low maintenance and the ability to take the building down and reassemble it elsewhere help keep costs low. Rent, financing or purchase options are available.



Various financing solutions:  

Rent, finance or purchase; whatever financial flexibility you need so your business can quickly get the additional space it needs. Our team is ready to advise you on any aspect of your temporary building project, so please call or complete our online enquiry form to find out more.



Certified quality

Safety is a critical element in the design of temporary buildings. Unfortunately, this can be overlooked by some suppliers. To ensure your safety, we go far beyond building requirements and guidelines. All our temporary warehouse buildings are designed according to DIN EN 1991 and will only leave the factory after passing our strict quality inspection.



Examples of Our
Industrial Buildings


Roofing for Storage Purposes

Width: 18 m
Size: 540 m²
Length: 30 m
Height: 5.3 m
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Fully Insulated Warehouse

Width: 15 m
Size: 630 m²
Length: 42 m
Height: 5.3 m
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Uninsulated Warehouse Storage

Width: 10 m
Size: 200 m²
Length: 20 m
Height: 4 m
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Temporary Industrial Buildings: 
Lightweight But Strong

Our highly qualified temporary industrial building experts will design the perfect building structures for your needs. This could be temporary structures that are needed quickly or permanent buildings for warehousing, production , manufacturing or many other applications.

Our 360 degree support covers the initial detailed advice on the perfect industrial building for your needs, construction, delivery and erecting the finished building. Our one-stop-shop approach ensures that all the services you need come from a single source and the building is 100% made in Germany.

Rent or Buy Your
Industrial Buildings

Rent or buy our industrial temporary and permanent buildings with our flexible payment options.

Benefits of Purchasing:

Full control: Design the building layout based on your business needs.
Long-term investment: Own a high quality structure for long-term use.
Customisation: Customise the building access doors, windows and other features.

Benefits of Renting:

Flexibility: Short-term space solutions without long-term commitment.
Cost Efficiency: Lower initial investment costs compared to purchasing.
Maintenance included: Maintenance and repairs are usually included in the rental agreement.

The decision to rent or buy will be based on your company's individual needs, financial capabilities and long-term plans. Our experts can help you decide which provides you with the best option for your business.

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Customer Support

Our experienced and knowledgeable support staff are here to deliver the highest quality customer service worldwide.


Whether renting, financing or purchasing outright, we have the right package for your business.


HR-Structures is certified to the latest standards and guidelines in your territory.

Full Service

From production to transport to the fully assembled industrial building construction.

Made in Germany

All our industrial buildings and event tents are made to the highest quality and delivered from our production facility in Germany.

Design and Innovation

Product innovation in our technical department allows us to constantly develop our building products.

Questions and Answers

Why Aluminium?

Why a building made of aluminium?

Our lightweight structures are mostly made of aluminium. This is a sustainable and recyclable material, which is also inexpensive. It provides structural resilience that is comparable to other construction materials. It is also possible to erect an aluminium industrial building without foundations.

Rent or Buy?

Advantages of Renting

  • Liquidity unaffected by high capital commitment
  • If you know how long you need the building for, you only pay rent for this time
  • If the exact rental period is not known the building can still be rented and the period changed during the contract
  • With immediately deductible monthly rent payments, you can reduce your tax burden
  • Rental agreements can be extended, the building can be returned or you can swap to a purchase agreement.

Benefits of Purchasing

  • The space requirement is long-term and you need the building permanently
  • Long-term investment with tax benefits
  • The building is only needed for a shorter period of time, but you already have further use for it

Permits and Structural Analysis

Depending on the service life, the building type, how it is anchored to the ground and the local requirements, the requirement for a building permit will vary. For a temporary construction according to DIN EN 13782, the submission of an inspection book is usually necessary and no complex planning permission is required. However, planning permission is usually required for a more permanent structure. The building owner is responsible for obtaining this but we are happy to help. We work closely with a town planning agency that specialises in planning permission approvals.

The main feature of the mobile construction is the possibility of repeated assembly and dismantling in different locations. An inspection book from HR-Structures can be supplied upon request, which offers the advantage of a simplified building permit process. As a rule, temporary structures are permitted for a period of three months, although this can be extended. The anchoring is done here using pegs, but can also be done using dowels on an existing floor slab.

There are different fastening options that vary depending on the building type, service life and existing subsurface. Generally, where there is no foundation, temporary structures are attached using pegs. Where there is a foundation, dowels are used to secure the building and create a fixed structure. Further options such as ballasting or concrete-free foundations are also available. For more information on these, please contact us.

HR-Structures can supply various accessories related to fire protection, such as emergency exit doors, smoke and heat exhaust systems and ridge and wall light strips. What you need will be determined by the level of fire protection you want and the requirements of the fire prevention services in your territory. We highly recommend that the building owner commissions a fire protection survey and prior to specifying fire protection accessories for your temporary building.

Technical and Equipment

Aluminium framed temporary buildings from HR-Structures can be made with a span between 5m and 30m in 5m increments. The building wall height can be between 4.2m and 6.2m in 1m increments. They can be extended in 5m increments to whatever length you want or have space for. Special dimensions and multi-aisle solutions can be manufactured individually upon request.

PVC sheets

The sheets used in our temporary building roofs are made from industrial PVC. This is extremely durable and can remain in place for many years depending on the building use. They are easy to install and quick to replace or repair if they become damaged.

Aluminium and Steel parts

The main elements of the building frame consist of extruded aluminium profiles. These are specified in accordance with local building regulations concerning wind and snow load and the dimensions of the building and it proposed use. Any steel parts are galvanized for corrosion protection.

Corrugated steel sheet and Sandwich panels

All our buildings can be equipped with both corrugated sheet steel or sandwich panel walls. The corrugated panels are made of galvanized sheet steel. Our sandwich panels include a rigid polyurethane foam core between corrugated steel sheets. The panels are used in temperature controlled buildings and can be provided with different insulation thicknesses.

We can also supply the following building accessories:

  • Various heating systems
  • Various lighting systems
  • Additional condensation protection
  • Stronger roofs to support solar panels

Depending on the panels used for the walls, the floor finish can be implemented using sealing tape, bitumen membrane or other special folded sheets depending on the ground level surface.

Can They Be Installed On Slopes?

Our lightweight buildings can be erected on surfaces with a gradient of up to 2% along the long side. If the floor is uneven, a variety of solutions can be used depending on the project. The include shortening the side posts or supporting the individual side supports from below.

As standard our temporary buildings are designed to withstand a wide range of bad weather. This is based on a wind force of 0.5 kN/m² and a snow load of up to 1.35 kN/m². In more exposed or colder areas our buildings can be specified with stronger components to accommodate higher snow loads and wind speeds.

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