Standard Components and Accessories
Industrial Buildings

Discover our range of standard components and accessories. Our Canopies, non-insulated buildings and insulated buildings are made of aluminium profiles with steel connecting parts. They deliver a wide range of options for building additions and accessories. From roof and wall cladding to gates, doors and lighting options through to anchoring and floor termination, there’s a solution for your needs. Discover our range now and design your industrial building to your requirements.

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Roof and Wall Cladding

Single-layer PVC sheet
The flame-retardant PVC (DIN 4102-B1) is best suited for roofs or non-insulated building walls. The single-layer cladding is available in both translucent and opaque colours in a wide variety of colours.

Underlayer PVC sheeting
The underlayer PVC is a lighter material that is pulled under the outer single-shell roof to absorb and drain away condensation.

PVC thermal roof 
The air-filled double-skin roof provides additional insulation and condensation protection. The flame-retardant (DIN 4102-B1) material can be supplied translucent or opaque in a wide variety of colors.

Corrugated steel walls
The strip-galvanized and coated corrugated sheet steel is best suited for the walls of non-insulated buildings. A wide variety of colours are available, as well as the option of a fleece coating in the roof area to prevent the formation of condensation.

Sandwich panels
The insulated sandwich panel is best suited for insulated buildings. The panels are available with different thicknesses of polyurethane foam or mineral wool to provide different levels of insulation. These panels can be supplied in a range of different colors.

Loading Doors

PVC loading doors
Sliding PVC loading doors are easily operated, manual doors used in non-insulated buildings.

Sliding loading door
The manually-operated sliding loading door provides greater protection against theft from non-insulated buildings than PVC loading doors.

Roller door
The electric roller door is operated at the press of a button and has some built-in insulation.

Sectional door
The electrical or manually-operated sectional door has even more thermal insulation than roller doors and is designed for insulated industrial buildings. Options include window sections or integrated doors with a built-in pedestrian door.


Single-leaf pedestrian door
Staff entrance and exit or emergency exit.

Double-leaf pedestrian door
Like the single-leaf door, the double-leaf door can be used as a staff entrance and exit or for emergency exit and can be part glazed.

Natural Light

Single, double and four pane windows can be integrated into building walls to allow daylight and fresh air in.

Shop window 
Our large 2.2m x 2.5m windows allow the maximum light into our buildings making them ideal for sales showrooms and exhibition halls.

Polycarbonate wall light strip
This 1m x 4m wall light strip is a cost-effective alternative to glass windows and is usually installed at the top of walls under the eaves.

Light dome and ridge light strip
Light domes and roof ridge light strips allow overhead light directly into the roof area and can be opened for air circulation. Further options such as smoke and heat extraction equipment (RWA ) are also available.

Anchoring and Floor Finishes

Ground nails
Ground nails are the simplest and most cost-effective solution for temporary anchoring your building to the ground. This option can be used to fasten our industrial halls to a wide variety of surfaces without foundations.

Dowels are mostly used in connection with permanent buildings and concrete foundations to provide secure and long-lasting building anchoring.

Floor closure
There are different options for finishing the floor using a facade and finishing sheet. Different sealing options are available depending on the ground surface.


For additional lighting in the building’s interior, various lighting systems are available.

Various mobile heating systems provide simple, energy-efficient building heating.

Rain gutters
Our rain gutters and downpipes collect and drain away rainwater that falls onto the large roofs of our buildings.

Guard rail
The guard rail protects the building from collision with forklifts, lorries and other vehicles.

Inside gable partitions
Inner gable partitions can be installed to divide the building’s interior. The individual building sections can be connected by additional pedestrian and vehicle doors.

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