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Industrial marquees – flexible storage solution

An industrial marquee combines flexibility and lightweight properties with maximum stability, safety and weather resistance. These reliable industrial storage buildings can be installed rapidly on site thanks to the ‘smart’ system construction and can be easily converted or extended at any time. Industrial marquees can be purchased or hired from HR-Structures and can include thermal insulation making them ideal for storage and activities that require temperature control. Industrial marquees are also ideal for more basic cover that provides easy, affordable protection from the elements. This level of flexibility ensures a real all-rounder at a particularly impressive price-performance ratio.

With more than 60 years’ experience as a pioneer in the temporary buildings industry you can expect only the best quality with an industrial marquee from HR-Structures. We are your partner when it comes to well thought-out storage space, covered loading and unloading areas, sales offices, workshops, production spaces and much more. Only the highest quality raw material are sourced and used for our industrial storage buildings. The frame is engineered with lightweight but high grade aluminium profiles, which are selected according to the highest conformity standards. The same quality expectation and control is applied to all our fixtures and accessories, whether PVC covers, steel parts, steel sheet roof system or insulation systems.

We specialise in customising industrial marquees in size, configuration and accessories, all available for rent or sale. You can expect 360-degree support as we partner you at your side from the very beginning of your project. Starting with a detailed consultation, the team at HR-Structures will take care of all aspects including design and manufacture based on your ideas and static calculations, plus the delivery and assembly. You can expect nothing less than 100% ‘Made in Germany’ quality.

What is an industrial maquee?

Similar to skyline tents, an industrial marquee is engineered using an aluminium frame; a particularly strong but lightweight and flexible metal, making it ideal for fast solutions that can be short or long term. Aluminium also scores highly with sustainable credentials as it can be recycled indefinitely and has a long service life. In addition, the lightweight qualities make it suitable to be installed directly onto existing hard ground such as asphalt, concrete or gassed areas in certain cases. The intelligent modular construction means you remain free to convert or extend your industrial storage building at anytime, before or after initial installation.

Indulated Industrial marquees

If goods need to be stored at a particular temperature or you want to carry out activities for customers or staff in your industrial marquee, you will probably need some form of insulation to provide the necessary internal conditions. As standard, we can manufacture industrial marquees with efficient and effective thermal insulation using maximum thickness insulated sandwich wall panels and a thermo roof system. This will ensure a reliable and comfortable solution for goods, equipment, employees or even customers. Fire protection conformity is met as standard with all industrial marquees and storage buildings.

The benefits of industrial marquees and storage buildings

An industrial marquee brings you maximum flexibility in size, scope and location. Further flexibility comes with a choice of roof system, fastenings, access options, lighting and guttering. Your industrial marquee can also be equipped with high-quality insulated sandwich panel walling, ensuring reliable protection for goods, logistics, production or even events. Planning permission, if required, can be obtained quickly and easily. In addition to versatility, industrial marquees are extremely cost-effective. Aluminium offers excellent value for money being more affordable than other types of steel but offering similar properties of strength and durability. Transport and installation costs are also low as the system is very lightweight and uses minimal components. These savings are passed onto customers. Every time.

In addition to buying an industrial storage building outright, HR-Structures offer the option of a hire contract; a popular option if there is a known short-term requirement and period of use. We can advise on a beneficial hire contract that prevents you from having to tie up any large investment capital.

Why buy or hire an industrial storage building from HR-Structures

With HR-Structures you can rely on the highest quality, resulting from 60 years’ experience, innovative technology, state-of-the-art CNC machines and a passion for genuine craftsmanship. At the centre of your industrial storage building project will be your ideas, needs and objectives – all managed by our 360-degree support and service. Whether you choose to purchase an industrial marquee or hire an industrial storage building, we are the dependable partner of choice.

We will gladly take the time to advise you personally. Contact us now.

Should I hire or buy an industrial marquee?

When and why to choose hire

  • No restriction of your liquidity due to high capital commitment.
  • The period of use and hire is defined, so you pay for exactly what you need.
  • The period of use is not known, but you maintain flexible options.
  • Immediately deductible monthly rent gives you a tax advantage.
  • Extend your hire contract, return or purchase – everything is possible.

When and why to choose purchase

  • Financial outlay can be more advantageous if you have a long-term permanent need.
  • Long-term investment with tax-reducing advantages.
  • The industrial marquee is only needed for a short period of time, but you already have a subsequent further uses.

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