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‌With more than 60 years experience in industrial building design and construction, HR-Structures now delivers the highest quality industrial buildings and event tents. Since the company was founded, we have set the highest standards for technical innovation, building strength and the quality of our chosen materials and finished structures.

Over half a century ago, our experts set milestones in the production of wooden tents, then in the development of aluminium tents and finally the first double-decker tent. Today, HR-Structures' product range includes industrial canopies, uninsulated or insulated industrial buildings, modern event pagodas, extravagant skyline tents, classic festival tents and much more. Our lightweight industrial buildings are made of high-quality aluminium and our elegant event tents made of robust PVC material are resilient, stable, weather-resistant, sustainable and cost-efficient.

We manufacture all of our structures in our production facility in Germany and are certified according to current standards and guidelines. With a highly qualified team of industry experts, we manage everything from planning, design, manufacturing, transport to site and assembly of the finished structures. Our flexible building systems allow us to produce anything from temporary, quick-build industrial structures to permanent insulated warehouses around the same aluminium framework. For many years we‘ve worked with numerous well-known companies around the World.

Our philosophy is simple: With passion and commitment, we turn your wishes into reality.‘ Your requirements are our top priority. With extensive 360° support, we ensure that you receive tailor-made solutions from us that are based on your actual needs.

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David Pena Roig
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UK + Ireland / Event

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USA, Eastcoast

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USA, Westcoast

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West Afrika

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Industrial buildings and event tent
case studies


DOKA Skyline Event Building At World-Leading Construction Exhibition

Width: 30 m
Size: 1200 m²
Length: 40 m
Height: 8 m
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Skyline Tent With Innovative Pre-stressed Façade

Width: 15 m
Size: 600 m²
Length: 40 m
Height: 8 m
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Lifting Solutions Leader Rises To New Heights At Bauma 2022

Width: 25 m
Size: 500 m²
Length: 20 m
Height: 8 m
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Customer Support

Our experienced and knowledgeable support staff are here to deliver the highest quality customer service worldwide.


Whether renting, financing or purchasing outright, we have the right package for your business.


HR-Structures is certified to the latest standards and guidelines in your territory.

Full Service

From production to transport to the fully assembled industrial building construction.

Made in Germany

All our industrial buildings and event tents are made to the highest quality and delivered from our production facility in Germany.

Design and Innovation

Product innovation in our technical department allows us to constantly develop our building products.

The company

HR-Structures is a global company that specializes in the production of aluminium framed structures for industrial and event customers. The business supplies the highest quality aluminium framed buildings and tents around the World from its headquarters and production facility in Germany.


We are experts in the design and production of temporary industrial buildings through innovative technology and advanced engineering. At our production centre in Germany, we use 3 state-of-the art CNC machines and equipment that ensures the aluminium used for your building will be of the highest quality, finish and durability.

Our Services


Whether you‘re capitalising on a growth opportunity or dealing with the loss of warehousing space for whatever reason, we can help you with our fast build and delivery times.


Our lightweight industrial buildings are great value compared to alternative construction methods. Aluminium construction, lower delivery costs, quick assembly time and low maintenance all save money.

Full Service

Our on-stop-shop delivery ensures fast production, safe shipping and the highest quality finished assembly.


We tailor and adapt our temporary building design and engineering to your needs. Whatever size, equipment, configuration, extensions, fixtures or fittings you need, we can do it.

Smart Financing Solutions

Rent, finance or purchase; whatever financial flexibility you need so your business can quickly get the additional space it needs. Our team is ready to advise you on any aspect of your temporary building project, so please call or complete our online enquiry form to find out more.

Made in Germany

The design and production of all our buildings and event tents takes place in Germany to ensure the highest quality.

Certified Quality

Safety is a critical element in the design of temporary buildings. Unfortunately, this can be overlooked by some suppliers. To ensure your safety, we go far beyond building requirements and guidelines. All our temporary warehouse buildings are designed according to DIN EN 1991 and will only leave the factory after passing our strict quality inspection.

Customer Support

HR-Structures delivers customer support that covers the initial consultation on the building’s use, specification based on your unique requirements, assembly and construction of the building and full on-going support during the building’s lifetime.

Design and Innovation

In our in-house technical department, we consistently innovate to optimize our products.

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