Skyline Event Buildings

Skyline represents the ultimate in exhibition and larger event temporary buildings. Often designed and constructed with multiple storeys, glazed facades and hospitality areas, they are the ideal solution for exhibitions and trade fairs where only a big statement is enough.

Industrial buildings

Our Industrial Buildings deliver fast, flexible and economical expansion space for on-site storage, operations or commercial space. They range from short-term, temporary storage with basic weather protection, all the way through to custom-built permanent structures that can be temperature controlled.

Special buildings

If your event requirements go beyond our range of pagodas and marquees, you need one of our tailor-made Special Event Buildings. We take your vision and create the perfect structure that could be multi-storey, open sided, enclosed or an extension to an existing building.


Pagodas provide a smaller covered area that makes a big statement at any event. Ranging from 3m to 20 long, they are used at weddings, parties and any other event for hospitality, reception, merchandising, whatever you need.

Polygon Marquees

The Polygon Marquee is the ideal location for the event that needs unobstructed internal space up to 60m wide beneath a high roof.

Party Marquees

Perfect for the small to medium sized event that needs fast, affordable venue accommodation. These Party Marquees are incredibly robust but quick to erect and take down. Sizes are tailored to your party needs. They range from 3m to 10m wide, and building lengths are customisable in 3m increments.

Large Marquees

When your event needs a larger space, our Large Marquees are the answer. These temporary event buildings have self-supporting high ceilings and can be up to 60m wide. They are perfect for larger parties, exhibitions, trade fairs and any private or commercial event.

Industrial tents & buildings

Quick space savings with flexible building systems

Event tents

Individually deployable tent systems for your event

Industrial tents & buildings

Quick space savings with flexible building systems

Event tents

Individually deployable tent systems for your event

Our services & your advantages

Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority. Our qualified employees are available worldwide to provide you with advice.


Whether you prefer to rent, finance or purchase – you will always find a suitable solution in our range of products.


Our company has been certified pursuant to the latest standards and guidelines.

Full Service

From manufacturing to transport to a fully installed tent and building construction.

Made in Germany

From planning and construction to our own manufacturing in Germany – we will deliver your product in the requested time frame and quality.

Design & Innovation

Our internal technical department and implementation of innovative products allows us to always strive for continuous further development of our products.

The company HR-Structures

HR-Structures GmbH is a young and family-owned company that specialises in the construction of aluminium structures.
Resulting from decades of experience in this sector, we focus on event and industrial customers. The company headquarters and production plant are located in the Hessian town of Grebenhain, Germany.

Design. Innovation. Tradition.
We will turn your request into reality with passion and commitment

HR-Structures – Producer of light-weight buildings and event tents made in Germany

HR-Structures GmbH stands for top-quality industrial buildings and event tents

The name HR-Structures GmbH stands for innovative aluminium structures!

Our qualified employees are available worldwide with advice to implement individual projects from the production to transportation to a ready-installed light-weight building or a marquee. These structures are produced in our own production facility in Germany. The same as the other areas of our company, our production facility is certified pursuant to current standards and guidelines.

HR-Structures building construction

From a simple storage tent intended as roofing to an uninsulated light-weight building to a fully insulated industrial or storage building, HR-Structures provides extensive additional services and customer advisory services in all areas. As the producer of these system buildings, we have specialised in the sale, as well as renting out of our buildings and are able to meet corresponding requirements for higher snow and wind bearing capacities. We can implement temporary structures (pursuant to DIN EN 13782) as well as permanent structures (permanent fixed structures as per DIN EN 1991).

HR-Structures event tents

Whether classical pagodas, party tents and marquees or skyline and mega tents – HR-Structures offers a large assortment of different event tents for any area, as well as outstanding customer advisory services. Our employees’ many years of experience in this sector enable us to implement innovative projects, e.g., road shows, airport terminals, multi-storeyed tents with glass facades and many more. These tent structures are usually produced for temporary use (according to temporary structures as per DIN 13782) and their individual design is able to meet high load requirements. In these cases, HR-Structures has specialised in just the sale, not renting out.

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Our employees are gladly available for advice relating to industrial and event tents.

Industrial temporary buildings

Fast, flexible space with HR temporary building systems

Event tents

Individually applicable tent systems for your event


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Industrial hall

Quick space savings with flexible building systems

Event tents

Individually deployable tent systems for your event