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Fixtures and Accessories

Our canopies, non-insulated buildings and insulated buildings are made from aluminium profiles with steel connection parts. Below you will find all standard components and accessory parts that can be used in the industrial buildings. We will gladly offer you additional fixtures or special solutions on request.

Single-skin cover

The cover that is flame-resistant pursuant to DIN 4102-B1 is most suitable for canopies or non-insulated buildings. The single-skin cover is available in transparent or in opaque in a variety of different colours.

Second layer liner cover

The second layer liner cover is a lighter cover that is fed underneath the outer single-skin roof cover or the trapezoidal sheet to contain and drain off any potential condensation.

Thermo roof cover

The double-skin roof cover provides additional insulation and condensation protection in the roof area. The cover that is flame-resistant pursuant to DIN 4102-B1 is available in transparent or in opaque and in a variety of different colours.

Corrugated Steel sheets

The continuously galvanised and coated trapezoidal sheet is best suited for canopies and non-insulated buildings. Many different colours and the option of fabric coating against condensation in the roof area are available.


The insulated sandwich element is best suited for insulated buildings. The elements are available in different material thicknesses and suitable insulation values with PUR foam or mineral wool filling. Here also different exterior colours are available.

PVC door

PVC folding doors are used in non-insulated buildings and can be flexibly deployed due to their manual and simple handling.

Sliding door

The manually operated sliding door which may offer increased theft protection as compared to the PVC sliding door has been designed for non-insulated buildings.

Rolling shutter gate

The electrically operated rolling shutter gate features light insulation and its controls makes it easy to use.

Sectional door

The electrically or manually operated sectional door which may feature increased thermal insulation as compared to the rolling shutter gate is optimally suited for insulated buildings. Further options, such as window sections or integrated doors are available.

Single-leaf door

Individually deployable staff doors or escape door

Double-leaved door

The same as the single-leaf door, the double-leaved door can be individually used as a staff door or escape door and additionally with glass panels.

Windows single-leaf / 2-leaf / 4-leaf

For more light and fresh air you can integrate different windows into the building panelling at the side.

Display window, approx. 2.2 x 2.5m

Our display windows provide the largest possible exposure to light and are ideally suited for sales or exhibition rooms.

Wall window strip, polycarbonate approx. 1.0 x 4.0m

The wall window strip is a low-cost alternative to glass elements and is usually installed in the wall panelling underneath the eaves area.

Light dome and roof ridge window strip

The light dome or the roof ridge window strip is used for direct light in the roof area and additional air supply. Additional options, e.g. Smoke and heat extraction system, are available.

Fastening and floor closing-off


Pegs are the easiest and lowest cost solution for temporary fastening since this variant allows you to fasten our industrial buildings on different types of ground without foundations.


Rawlplugs are mostly used in conjunction with permanent buildings and concrete foundations to ensure secure durability of the building.

Floor closing-off

For closing off the floor by means of facade and closing panels different sealing variations and options are available. Depending on the ground different closing-off options are available.


Various lighting systems including electronics are available for additional lighting in the interior of the building.


Various mobile heating systems allow for easy and energy-efficient heating of the industrial building.

Rain gutter

Our rain gutter including downpipes are ideal for draining off rain water in a controlled manner.

Crash barrier

The crash barrier protects the industrial building from external influences, e.g. approaching forklifts and lorries.

Gable line partition

Gable line partitions may be installed to divide the industrial building into several sections. The individual partition walls can be connected via doors and gates.

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