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With a span width of 10.00m to 60.00 m and a frame distance of 5.00 m, our marquees are the perfect solution for your event.

Technical advantages

  • Self-supporting span width up to 60.00 m possible

  • Modular dimension can be extended to any length

  • Side height possible up to 4 m

  • Individual dimensions and fixtures available on request.

Large event tents: accommodation for the perfect event

A high quality and visually appealing large event tent will give your event the perfect setting. Our large event tents are extremely versatile in terms of design and are suitable for just about any kind of private or commercial occasion. From small private parties through to large exhibition halls and trade fairs these large marquees offer strength and durability with stunning aesthetics and comfort, ensuring an unforgettable ambience for your guests and visitors. Our large event tents come in different configurations and sizes creating flexible solutions for every event.

Expecting more guests to your venue and need more space quickly? No problem! You can rent large event tents easily and quickly from HR-Structures, benefitting from our fast delivery and set-up times. Our experience in the hospitality industry is extensive so whatever kind of celebration you’re planning, we have the right large event tent for you, ranging from 10 to 60 metres in width and unlimited length. If your celebration is more of an informal gathering for a smaller group of family and friends, we can still help with our party tent range.

Our large event tents and marquees come with exceptional quality and service

The team at HR-Structures can draw on over 60 years’ experience as innovators in the temporary structures industry. We are the partner of choice when it comes to event tents for any occasion. We are a full-service provider and will partner you with 360 degree service and support – from the initial consultation, design and static calculations through to delivery, install and removal. All our large marquees and event tents are manufactured in-house at our production centre in Germany, ensuring premium quality materials with a 100% Made in Germany guarantee.

It goes without saying that our large event tents and large marquees are calculated to guarantee 100% waterproof, windproof and UV-resistant attributes, ensuring events can take place 12 months of the year. Offering superior flexibility, our large event tents can be adapted for many different events and locations. The lightweight design and simple installation will ensure fast and simple relocation, making them an ideal choice for roadshows or sporting fixtures. This ability to easily dismantle, relocate and install even applies to our premium event tents such as VIP lounges, grandstands and multi-level structures.

General advantages



From consulting to design and static measuring to the delivery – our offered services optimally complement one another.



From small garden parties and weddings to exhibitions and hospitality events to fairs and big events – our tents are universally deployable.

Fast delivery times

Fast delivery times

You need short-term space solutions? We produce and deliver your desired tent in the shortest possible time.



Cost-efficient, reusable and long-lasting – top-quality products “made in Germany” at fair prices.

Areas of application

What are large event tents?

Large event tents are an ideal choice for just about any small or large-scale event and for short or long-term use. When it comes to adapting the basic concept to specific needs and events, they have unbeatable scope, ensuring a solution for just about any event. Private celebrations, company events, sports fixtures, hospitality, conferences, trade fairs and much more, can all be turned into an unforgettable experience with a large event tent from HR-Structures.

Large event tents and large marquees are suitable for

  • Weddings
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Company parties
  • Conferences
  • Trade Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Hospitality
  • Sporting events
  • Road Shows
  • And much more…

What are the advantages of large event tents?

Large event tents guarantee flexibility for your events, every time. With self- supporting spans up to 60 metres, side heights up to 4 metres and bespoke dimensions possible, the specific size of event space required can be easily created. Large event tents are endlessly expandable in modular sections and offer premium material and unbeatable stability. Comfort for your guests is paramount, so your event tent will be supplied with air condition options that heat or cool to a precise temperature. All fixtures, fittings and equipment will be tailored to your event as well as the installation and dismantle, which will be done quickly and easily with no disruption or inconvenience to you.

Smaller event tents under 75 sqm and not higher than 5m should not require planning permission. Structures that are larger in size, and in situ for more than a month, may require permission – this is something we can assist with. Regardless of any need for planning, our large event tents and large marquees offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio; low production, transport and assembly costs combined with the aesthetics and comfort of a more traditional structure.

Why buy or hire a large event tent from HR-Structures

We don’t do anything by halves! If we partner you for your event, you can be assured it will be a success remembered by your guests for years to come. Our large event tents guarantee this with first-class premium materials, sophisticated design, true hands-on craftsmanship and innovative technology. We have a passion for only the best and nothing less gets throughout strict quality control. Whether your requirement is for small or large space and short or long-term, HR-Structures is the right partner for you. Talk to us today about your event tent and large marquee requirements. We will advise you personally with non-obligatory and expert advice.

What does temporary structure (DIN EN 13782) mean?

A structure that meets this standard means it is demountable and can be dismantled, relocated and reassembled at different locations. If you need to consider planning for your structure, we can provide advice and help. Our temporary structures and large event tents are anchored using ground nails, or dowels on existing hard surfaces.

What materials are used?

PVC roof covers
Our PVC roof covers are manufactured with an industrial grade PVC, ensuring an extremely durable and long-lasting system. They are easily and quickly installed as panels, which also means quick replacement and repair to one section is simple, in the event of any damage.

Aluminium & steel parts
The main components of the frame are engineered with high-grade extruded aluminium profiles, in accordance with the required static calculations. Aluminium is a hugely flexible and durable material that can be recycled indefinitely and doesn’t rust. Any galvanized steel parts are fitted with corrosion protection to further protect from rust.

Hard walling options
All our large event tents and large marquees can be equipped with single skin or sandwich insulated hard walling systems. The steel sheeting is made of galvanized steel and the insulation consists of a polyurethan rigid foam that can be provided in various thicknesses for different insulation properties.

Our services & your advantages

Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority. Our qualified employees are available worldwide to provide you with advice.


Whether you prefer to rent, finance or purchase – you will always find a suitable solution in our range of products.


Our company has been certified pursuant to the latest standards and guidelines.

Full Service

From manufacturing to transport to a fully installed tent and building construction.

Made in Germany

From planning and construction to our own manufacturing in Germany – we will deliver your product in the requested time frame and quality.

Design & Innovation

Our internal technical department and implementation of innovative products allows us to always strive for continuous further development of our products.


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