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Temporary Classrooms – For Flexible Teaching

In recent years, teaching at schools, universities, elementary schools, and many other educational institutions has been faced with special challenges. In these exceptional situations, temporary classrooms have proven to be particularly useful and offer a reliable, cost-effective, and quickly implementable option. Of course, temporary classrooms do not only show their qualities when it comes to emergencies but are also suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

Temporary classrooms function perfectly as a clever extension of capacity and offer a practical alternative option for longer-term construction measures at schools or universities. Furthermore, temporary classrooms are particularly versatile and can be designed according to your needs.

High quality temporary classrooms from the specialist

A temporary classroom must meet different requirements. Therefore, you should rely on the knowledge of an expert. At HR-Structures, we have more than 60 years of experience in producing, manufacturing, and providing structures that can be used as temporary classrooms. With us as pioneers in industrial hall construction, you can find different formats and sizes for temporary classrooms so that you can plan the space according to your institution’s needs. What is especially convincing about our temporary classrooms is their sturdy and stable construction.

Of course, all temporary classrooms from our company are characterized by the best features, such as 100% waterproofness, UV resistance, wind resistance, and stability. Any kind of teaching can be done in a temporary classroom, regardless of the weather. Our models can have spans of up to 60 meters, side heights of up to 4 meters, and even multiple floors. Furthermore, special dimensions can be realized individually on request. With the appropriate size, you can ensure adequate spacing of students in a temporary classroom.

With us, you can buy temporary classrooms as well as rent them. Before making a decision, our experts will be happy to advise you in detail with our 360-degree service. This service also includes the fact that, in addition to the construction of a temporary classroom, we also take care of the static dimensioning, delivery, and assembly. We provide everything from one professional source (100% “Made in Germany”). In our own manufacturing, we set the highest standards for the value and durability of our materials. Every temporary classroom must pass our strict quality management system before it sets out on its journey. This guarantees you the highest quality assurance for all temporary classrooms at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Get to know our temporary classrooms!

What are temporary classrooms?

Experience has shown that in crisis situations and emergencies, space solutions are needed that can be implemented quickly and flexibly. A temporary classroom meets these exact needs and creates needed capacity while being able to meet the highest safety guidelines. Temporary classrooms are manufactured as lightweight halls and can be easily expanded in a modular fashion as well as individually equipped. The integration of air conditioning or heating modules is also possible.

Since they are so-called “flying structures”, you don’t need a building permit for temporary classrooms under certain conditions. But even if these conditions cannot be met, a building application for a temporary classroom is usually approved quickly.

Temporary classrooms are suitable for

  • schools
  • universities
  • colleges
  • adult education centers
  • seminars, workshops, and conferences
  • educational events
  • working groups
  • and much more

What are the advantages of temporary classrooms?

With a temporary classroom, you decide on the size, format, and construction method. Plan your structure along the class size, space requirements, and number of classes. Temporary classrooms or lecture halls expand the space of a permanent structure in the blink of an eye, so courses or classes don’t have to be split up. Furthermore, you can expand teaching hours, offer afternoon classes, or use the space of temporary classrooms for evening teaching events. With us, you can choose temporary classrooms with spans of up to 10 meters, and all our tents guarantee stability and sturdiness.

If you only have a short-term need for a temporary classroom, simply use our clever rental service.

Why temporary classrooms from HR-Structures?

With every temporary classroom, we place the utmost importance on the installation of first-class materials and set the highest standards for meticulous workmanship. Our combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies makes all the difference in our temporary classrooms. Take advantage of the expertise of the professionals at HR-Structures.

We’re happy to answer your personal questions about temporary classrooms. Contact our experts right away. We look forward to providing you with individual advice.

What accessories are available regarding fire protection?

Depending on the official requirements, HR-Structures can supply various fire protection accessories, e.g., emergency exit doors, smoke and heat extraction systems, and ridge and wall light strips. We recommend that the building owner obtains a fire protection report in advance.

What materials are used?

PVC roofing

Tarpaulins made of industrial PVC are extremely durable and can be used for many years, depending on the load. In addition to fast installation, quick replacement or repair is also possible in the case of damage.

Aluminum and steel parts

The main elements of the scaffolding are made of extruded aluminum profiles in accordance with currently valid standards and statics. The galvanized steel parts have corrosion protection.

Trapezoidal sheet metal and sandwich elements

All hall systems can be equipped with trapezoidal sheet metal as well as with sandwich elements. In this case, the trapezoidal sheets are made of galvanized steel and the sandwich elements are made of a polyurethane rigid foam core with different levels of insulation thickness.

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