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VIP-Tents – For an Exclusive Ambience

Exclusive events and special occasions require a sophisticated ambience. With elegant VIP-Tents, you can impress your business partners, customers, or special guests and create unforgettable experiences. Exclusive tents put your event in the spotlight and are suitable for company anniversaries, weddings, galas, press receptions, and concerts. Give your event a prestigious setting at the highest level and let our VIP-Tents speak for themselves. Furthermore, with exclusive tents, you enjoy the advantage of always being independent of the weather. We will gladly plan VIP-Tents together with you according to your personal requirements and reliably take care of the production and assembly. You can also rent VIP-Tents from us without any complications. This is particularly useful if you only need them occasionally. Stay flexible at any time with the professionals from HR-Structures.

Highest quality level for exclusive tents

With more than 60 years of experience and as pioneers in industrial hall construction, you can trust us to deliver VIP-Tents that meet the highest standards. We place special emphasis on quality, workmanship, and appearance. Of course, all our VIP-Tents are waterproof, UV-resistant, windproof, and dimensionally stable. We carry exclusive tents in different sizes as well as different types. Decide on a span of up to 60 meters and a side height of up to 4 meters for your VIP-Tent. Even multi-story tents are possible. We are also happy to realize special designs on request. Furthermore, we offer various options for fixtures and accessories for each VIP-Tent. Air conditioning provides a pleasant climate in summer, while a heating system creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in winter. A real eye-catcher are sophisticated illuminations, which are guaranteed to create the desired atmosphere.

We provide you with VIP-Tents from a professional source. We take care of the planning, construction, manufacturing, and assembly. In our factory, VIP-Tents are still produced by hand (100% “Made in Germany”) at an attractive price-performance ratio. Convince yourself of our exclusive tents right away.

Get to know our VIP-Tents.

What are VIP tents?

A VIP-Tent is a sophisticated event tent suitable for exclusive events. With our tents, you can organize your event weather-independently and wherever you want. Expand your gastronomy with a VIP-Tent and use the space as a special location. The so-called “flying structures” are easy to install and dismantle due to their lightweight construction. Exclusive tents leave a special impression on your guests and ensure that you can present yourself from your best side.

VIP-Tents are suitable for

  • receptions
  • galas
  • company anniversaries
  • press receptions
  • birthdays
  • weddings
  • exhibitions
  • and much more

What are the advantages of exclusive tents?

Provided that you want to put your event in a noble setting and at the same time remain flexible, it is an excellent idea to opt for exclusive tents. You can completely determine your choice in terms of size, format, and equipment. Furthermore, you can adapt your tent to the number of guests, or your equipment wishes. Our VIP-Tents convince with their stability and sturdiness. Depending on your needs, VIP-Tents can be used multifunctionally and are quickly installed. If the exclusive tent is smaller than 75 qm2 and not higher than 5 m, you don’t even need a building permit. But even with larger variants, a building permit is usually obtained quickly. Shine with VIP-Tents that offer you more than you might expect.

Why a VIP-tent from HR-Structures?

We rely on select materials for all our tents and ensure meticulous workmanship. This difference is noticeable in the appearance as well as in the robustness of our tents. For this purpose, we still combine real craftsmanship with smart technologies in our manufacturing. You can always buy a VIP-Tent or rent one. We at HR-Structures are your reliable partner when it comes to tents and other structures.

Do you have any questions about our exclusive tents, or would you like individual consulting? Feel free to contact our experts. We will personally take care of your request.

What other accessories are available?

We are also happy to offer you the following extensions:

  • Various heating systems
  • Various lighting systems
  • Additional condensation water protection
  • Higher roof load for photovoltaic systems

What hall dimensions are possible?

The hall structures of HR-Structures are available in spans from 5.00 to 30.00 m (at 5 m intervals) and side heights from 4.20 to 6.20 m (at 1 m intervals). In addition, they are endlessly extendable in length in the modular dimension (the modular dimension depends on the hall type). Special dimensions as well as multi-aisle solutions can be manufactured individually upon request.

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