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Industrial canopy buildings – customizable & flexible

When you need to keep goods undercover and have easy access for transport and other vehicles, an industrial canopy building from HR-Structures is the answer. Strong, lightweight, prefabricated aluminium frame construction ensures installation is fast on most ground surfaces without the need for foundations.

German engineering at our factory delivers precision crafted building components assembled from high quality materials. The extruded aluminium frames and industrial strength PVC roofs are certified to exceed maximum wind and snow loads experienced in the UK.

As our industrial canopy buildings are modular, building size can be tailored to your needs and available space. All sides can be open for ease of access or sections can be walled with corrugated sheet steel panels.

What is an industrial canopy building?

Temporary industrial canopies are industrial buildings with some or all of the sides open for ease of access. The aluminium framework supports a strong PVC roof to keep the worst of the weather off stored goods. But each frame vertical is 5m from the next giving access for lorries, forklift trucks, pallet moving trolleys, tipper trucks, tractors, bailers and more.

Each loading bay canopy, industrial marquee or industrial storage canopy is built to order using our modular framework. This is assembled to your precise requirements from high quality materials at our HQ in Germany. Our industrial canopy buildings can be built in 5m width increments from 5m up to 30m and walls can be 4.3m, 5.3m or 6.3m high. Canopy length is anything you have the space for from 5m upwards in 5m increments.

With our flexible finance options, you can buy or hire an industrial canopy building from us. If you only need more space on a temporary basis, hiring is a good solution. Buying makes more sense if you need the canopy over a longer period of time, or even permanently.

The advantages of industrial canopy buildings

Unlike a conventionally constructed building, an aluminium framed industrial canopy building from HR-Structures is much quicker to install.

This type of building construction makes it much easier to customize the size and extend an existing building.

Manufacturing methods and short assembly and installation times keep costs low.

Any temporary building is demountable, meaning it can be put up and taken down again. This also means that it can be moved on site or removed and installed somewhere else at any time.

Open sides on industrial canopy buildings gives much greater access than shutter doors.

Why hire or buy a temporary industrial canopy from HR-Structures?

You can benefit from our high quality temporary storage buildings, insulated buildings, industry expertise and years of experience with flexible payment options for our industrial canopy buildings. Hire for short term use and buy for mid to long term use.

In our factory in Germany, we combine genuine craftsmanship with innovative manufacturing technologies such as state-of-the-art CNC systems. Each industrial canopy building is tailor made to your exact requirements and we support you through the process from inception to installation.

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