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Insulated buildings

Insulated buildings are top-quality solutions and provide protection for sensitive goods. Due to an all-round high insulation in the form of sandwich elements or insulated covering, the deployment options for this light-weight building version range from storage to production in all areas.

Insulated buildings – protection for sensitive goods

Insulated buildings show their qualities when it comes to efficiently protecting sensitive goods. Due to their flexibility, insulated lightweight halls allow for versatile use. In each model, we use high-quality sandwich elements as walls and offer sandwich elements for the roof or a specially insulated covering. With us at HR-Structures, you can rely on high-quality solutions, intelligent lightweight construction, maximum configurability and an attractive price-performance ratio.

As a pioneer in industrial hall construction with more than 60 years of experience, we know exactly what an insulated warehouse, commercial hall or industrial hall must be able to do. With our qualified team of professional and specially trained staff, we build insulated buildings entirely according to your ideas. For us, it goes without saying that an insulated lightweight hall must meet your requirements, whether for storage, production, as a workshop hall or exhibition space.

For several generations, quality has been a top priority in our family-run company. A difference you will see, feel and experience. As a specialist for insulated lightweight halls, we create a reliable construction made of robust aluminum in the shortest possible time, where we make no compromises. Get to know our insulated buildings.

Ungedämmte Lagerhalle für Baumaterialien von HR-Structures

Roof & wall panelling

Sandwich elements for roof cladding

The remarkable properties of HR-Structures sandwich elements can also be used for roof cladding in addition to wall cladding. Our sandwich elements are available in different material thicknesses and suitable insulation values. We can provide a wide range of exterior colours.

Sandwich elements

Our sandwich elements are characterised by their heat-insulating and low-maintenance properties. They consist of two outer shells made of steel and a foam core made of polyisocyanurate (PIR) or mineral wool and thus provide excellent insulating properties. Sandwich elements can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to heat the industrial building. As a positive side effect, appropriate noise protection is generated at the same time.

Thermo roof cover

Whenever single-layer covers in the roof are no longer sufficient, but no complex insulation measures are desired, the Thermo roof cover from HR-Structures is the best solution to prevent condensation and condensation water in your cold building. The two-layer roof and gable covering produced using membrane technology has a heat-insulating effect and helps to prevent condensation on the underside of the roof cover.

It consists of two shells that are filled with air and thus provide additional insulation and protection against condensation. The DIN 4102-B1 flame-retardant cover is both translucent and opaque and is available in different colours.


For maximum stability, HR-Structures canopies are optionally equipped with ground stakes, rawl bolts or chemical anchors.


Anchoring by means of ground stakes is the most common and cheapest variant for fastening the roofing. It can be installed on a wide variety of substrates without any problems. To ensure optimal fastening, the top layer, base layer and frost protection layer of the ground should be at least 80 cm in total.

Rawl bolts or chemical anchors

If the substrate of the roofing is not suitable for fastening with ground stakes, we at HR-Structures recommend mounting with heavy-duty rawl bolts. The fastening of the rawl bolts or chemical anchors always requires a concrete or strip foundation, which must be poured in advance. Our team will be happy to advise you on the dimensions of the foundation.

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