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Non-insulated buildings

Non-insulated buildings are a fast and low-cost solution and provide protection for temperature-insensitive goods. With all-round protection in the form of PVC covers or corrugated steel sheets, this light-weight building version provides more storage safety and options for extensions, as well as canopy structures of any type.

Temporary storage buildings for non-sensitive storage

Temporary storage buildings offer the ideal solution for the safe and reliable storage of goods and activities that don’t require a high degree of temperature control. These lightweight storage tents are cost-effective, fast to assemble and suitable for a huge range of applications. A temporary storage building from HR-Structures will ensure the best possible protection and safety for your goods with an industrial grade PVC roofing or steel sheet panels; both extremely robust and durable with a long service life.

Benefit from our 60 years’ experience as pioneers and innovators in the temporary buildings industry. For the team at HR-Structures, nothing less than the highest quality is accepted and we don’t compromise on this. We take the time to ensure the right materials and components are selected along with intelligent designs and professional assembly, to ensure a customised solution that matches your needs entirely. A service guarantee you can truly count on.

Do you need extra storage space quickly and economically? Is your business expanding or do you need to protect goods from the weather? A temporary storage building with steel cladding or PVC roofing systems is the ideal first choice. As a family-run company based in Germany, we can guarantee technically advanced systems, high quality raw materials and intelligent project delivery – guaranteeing the safe storage of your goods, equipment or merchandise from the weather.

Ungedämmte Lagerhalle für Baumaterialien von HR-Structures

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Roof & wall panelling

Our robust roof covers are the ideal cover for canopies, tunnel structures or buildings where no highly sensitive goods are stored. The covers are made of highly tear-resistant industrial PVC – a strong, durable and cost-effective material compared to other roofing materials. The PVC cover offers decades of protection against sun, rain, hail or frost and is specially designed for long-lasting roofing. Due to their low weight, PVC covers can be installed quickly and thus cost-effectively. This flexibility is also an advantage should the cover need to be replaced in the event of damage. Due to their translucent material, sufficient daylight is always ensured.

Corrugated steel sheets

Corrugated steel sheets are the ideal option to ensure even better protection against all weather conditions. Depending on the desired use and the goods to be stored, corrugated steel sheeting is an extremely low-maintenance and durable alternative to classic PVC covers. In addition, a roof made of corrugated steel sheet metal offers the attractive advantage of installing photovoltaic modules for energy generation and thus extending the benefits of the product.

Optional roof covering

Internal liner covers

Optionally, it is possible to integrate a special inner cover to protect your goods from condensation or condensation water. The internal liner cover is pulled in under the actual PVC cover and does not cause any significant additional work during the assembly of your cold building. The material consists of mesh fabric, which allows moisture to diffuse from the inside of the building to the outside. Condensation is thus drained off to the side and your stored goods are always protected.

Internal liner cover with corrugated steel sheet

The internal liner covers with corrugated steel sheet metal is the all-round roofing solution for your cold hall. The combination of the internal liner cover and corrugated steel offers the best possible protection against the weather and condensation water. Depending on the use of the building, our experts at HR-Structures recommend supporting your corrugated steel sheet with an internal liner cover.


For maximum stability, HR-Structures canopies are optionally equipped with ground stakes, rawl bolts or chemical anchors.


Anchoring by means of ground stakes is the most common and cheapest variant for fastening the roofing. It can be installed on a wide variety of substrates without any problems. To ensure optimal fastening, the top layer, base layer and frost protection layer of the ground should be at least 80 cm in total.

Rawl bolts or chemical anchors

If the substrate of the roofing is not suitable for fastening with ground stakes, we at HR-Structures recommend mounting with heavy-duty rawl bolts. The fastening of the rawl bolts or chemical anchors always requires a concrete or strip foundation, which must be poured in advance. Our team will be happy to advise you on the dimensions of the foundation.

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