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Temporary Warehouses

Commercial Warehouses For All Your Industrial Storage Needs

Do you need a commercial storage building to provide more space for your business growth, seasonal changes or promotional goods? Temporary industrial warehouses provide a way of expanding your business quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you are starting a new business or developing your current location, temporary commercial warehouses from HR-Structures are turnkey solutions that meet your business growth needs.

If you need to grow, looking for new business space and negotiating contracts is time consuming, costly and still ends up with you travelling between sites. If you can’t move quickly, competitors may gain an advantage while you struggle to house important goods.

But what if you could have a lightweight, temporary industrial warehouse that could be erected quickly on unused space where you are now? A large or small warehouse that could be built without the need for a foundation. A metal warehouse that could eventually be disassembled and moved or relocated to another site.

What Is A Temporary Storage Building?

Finding the space and building a traditional warehouse can be a time-consuming, complicated and expensive process. A temporary warehouse can be erected quickly, doesn’t need foundations, is cost-effective and can be moved, sold, extended or recycled when your business needs change.

Our large or small warehouse structures built around strong aluminium frames with steel walls can be installed quickly on most surfaces at your current location. These commercial warehouses can be tailored to the size you need. If you need a large warehouse and you have the space, we can build you a large warehouse. If you need less storage space or less space, one or more small warehouses could be perfect. But remember that industrial warehouse construction in this way doesn’t need foundations.

These industrial storage buildings can be used for housing perishables, foodstuffs, ingredients, vehicles, promotional items and more. You can specify an open-side canopy, a non-insulated warehouse or a fully insulated cold storage warehouse or temperature controlled storage building for staff comfort. You can then choose from our commercial storage building accessories list which includes various windows, doors, partitions, heating, lighting and other equipment.

The Advantages Of A Temporary Storage Building

A temporary industrial warehouse is a lightweight but robust metal warehouse that is an alternative to a steel warehouse. Our highly stable commercial storage buildings are built from light but strong aluminium profile frameworks clad in high quality roofs and walls. Insulated sandwich panels provide comfortable temperatures inside for workers and allow temperature sensitive goods to be stored.

You have various options for equipping your temporary storage building with shutter doors and pedestrian doors, lighting and heating systems, internal partitions and more. A temporary industrial warehouse can be easily expanded at any time and even taken down (demounted) and moved elsewhere.

Should you want to use a temporary warehouse for a longer period of time, our purchase option is recommended but we have an option to hire our warehouse constructions if your use is likely to be for the short to medium term. Low transport and assembly costs help keep the overall cost of temporary warehouses lower than comparable traditionally built permanent alternatives.

Why Choose A Temporary Warehouse Building From HR-Structures?

Whether as an insulated building or non-insulated building, we manufacture your temporary warehouse building to your business needs. We accompany you from the first consultation to the handover of the installed modular warehouse as part of one-stop-shop customer support. We take care of measurement, construction, manufacture, delivery and assembly and all our temporary buildings are made from the highest quality materials to exacting standards at our factory in Germany.

Whether you need a cold storage warehouse, a small warehouse or any other commercial storage building, please ask us about our industrial storage buildings and commercial warehouses.

Our temporary warehouse construction experts are available to answer all your questions.

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