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Insulated industrial building

Width: 8m

Length: 10m

Gaining space: 80

Side height: 4,3m

Insulated industrial building for mobile homes

This concept building is specifically designed to be the optimum size for housing motorhomes and accessories. At 8m wide and 10.3m long, the building is the perfect size for garaging one large motorhome or two smaller vehicles side by side.

A comfortable working environment in this insulated building is created by insulated sandwich panel walls and roof. This is particularly advantageous in the cold winter months when working in the warm building is a pleasure. The large electric roller door at the front of the building provides easy access for even the largest motorhomes. Polycarbonate panels in the walls and clear section in the door let in lots of daylight. In autumn and winter months when the sun is low in the sky, the clear panels allow light to flood into the building.

This concept building is designed with additional space for accessory storage, but building dimensions can be customised to each customer’s unique requirements.

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Equipment features


Natural Light

A polycarbonate wall strip and clear door section allow lots of natural light into the building.

Electric Roller Door

Large vehicles like motorhomes can easily be driven through the wide and tall electric roller door.


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