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Fire station

Width: 5m

Length: 10m

Gaining space: 50

Side height: 4,3m

HR-Structures industrial building for a fire brigade in the West of Germany.

Tailor made for the needs of a busy emergency service station, this 5m x 10m building is a pleasure to work in all year round thanks to its insulated walls and roof. Sandwich wall panels extend 4.3m from the ground to the gutter line where they meet thermal roof panels. A large sectional door extends across almost the full 5m width of the building to allow easy access for the fire engine garaged within. The door has a large clear section to ensure that they don’t obscure anything or anyone near them when the fire engine is called out. As a workspace where the fire engine and large array of firefighting, safety and rescue equipment is housed, the new building is linked to an adjacent converted shipping container. This now provides accommodation for the fire fighters stationed at the site.

The building is a great success with the firefighters stationed there.

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Equipment features


Thermal roof panels

The insulated thermal roof helps maintain a comfortable working environment inside the building. Perfect conditions for the fire brigade's equipment and personnel.

Shutter door with clear panels

The large shutter door at the front of the building gives easy access for the fire engine. The clear section of the shutter door lets lots of daylight into the building.

Connection to accommodation

The new building is directly linked to the firefighters’ acommodation by an internal door.


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