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Industrial garage

Industrial garage – reliable protection for your fleet

Vehicles such as cars, trucks, emergency vehicles and agricultural machinery benefit from being kept undercover behind locked doors. An industrial garage from HR-Structures is worth the investment if you operate a fleet of vehicles or provide commercial vehicles. This will keep vehicles protected from damage caused by the weather and from vandalism and theft. If you need to work inside the garage, our industrial vehicle buildings can also be insulated with sandwich panels for the roof and walls.

Our lightweight buildings are stable, robust, and weather-resistant despite their low weight. Thanks to its clever construction, an industrial garage from HR-Structures is quickly erected and can be dismantled, moved and extended at any time.

What is a vehicle garage?

A vehicle garage is a lightweight structure specifically built to provide shelter for various vehicles. This could be to protect commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles or even agricultural machines. Not only are they protected from malicious intent, they’re also protected from rain, sleet, snow, sunlight and other environmental dangers such as bird droppings and tree sap.

The lightweight prefabricated construction allows maximum scope for size, location and function. You also have a wide range of choices of fixtures and accessories. This includes options for roof, and choices of vehicle doors including sliding doors, roller doors or sectional doors. Building size is important to ensure that vehicles such as large agricultural machinery can enter the industrial garage easily and have space around them for maintenance and repair work. Lighting is important for working above, and under vehicles and insulated sandwich panels provide a thermal barrier to ensure the working environment inside the building is maintained at the optimal temperature.

A temporary garage building is suitable for:

  • Fleets of cars, trucks etc
  • New and used cars
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Construction vehicles and machines
  • Emergency services vehicles
  • Freight forwarding
  • Public service vehicles
  • Waste disposal, public offices, utilities, etc.
  • Vehicle preparation and maintenance
  • Workshops and much more.

The advantages of an industrial garage

With your fleet protected from the environment, high vehicle values are maintained over the long term and a secure shelter can also help reduce insurance premiums. A significant benefit is their fast and simple construction which doesn’t require a concrete foundation. The lightweight industrial garages can be fixed to almost any surface such as asphalt, pavement or grassed areas with the appropriate fasteners. This also means that you have the option to relocate or expand your industrial garages according to your needs. The aluminum profiles used in the construction of our industrial garages is not only very durable, but it’s also a sustainable and recyclable material. Finally, intelligent system construction ensures that assembly on site is quick and saves you money.

Our ownership options include outright purchase for longer term garages while renting is possible for shorter term use. Contact us to discuss your needs and the options available to you.

Industrial garages from the experts

HR-Structures has been a pioneer in industrial building construction for over 60 years. Our temporary buildings can be used in many different ways as well as for industrial vehicle storage and protection. We use high-quality aluminum for the frame profile and the highest quality weatherproof PVC for roofs. Corrugated galvanized sheet steel and insulated foam sandwich panels provide strength and insulation.

Made at our factory in Germany, our entire product range – from insulated buildings over event tents to industrial garages – is tailored to your needs. Our customer support starts with from the first detailed consultation and continues through the construction right up to the delivery and assembly.

See more of our industrial garages.

Why rent or buy an industrial garage from HR-Structures?

HR-Structures relies on true craftsmanship combined with innovative manufacturing technology including state-of-the-art CNC systems. We can create exactly what you need and we provide 360 degree support from initial consultation through to erecting your industrial garage on site.

Contact us now and we will answer your questions about vehicle garages and any other uses our lightweight buildings can be put to.

What are the advantages of lightweight industrial buildings made of aluminium?

Why aluminium?

Our lightweight buildings are mostly made of aluminium which is a sustainable, recyclable material. Aluminium also has a load capacity similar to other construction materials but it is less expensive. Crucially, aluminium framed buildings from HR-Structures can be built without foundations.

Hire or buy – which is best?

Advantages of hiring an industrial garage:

  • No high investment
  • Best short term option
  • Fixed hire period or flexible open-ended hire
  • Tax advantage as hire payments are tax deductible
  • Options for lease extension, return or purchase at the end of the term.

Advantages of buying an industrial garage:

  • Best solution if you need the industrial garage permanently for a longer period
  • Plan business based on long-term investment with tax reduction
  • The industrial garage is only needed for a shorter period, but you already have a subsequent use.

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