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Temporary industrial tent buildings from HR-Structures

Are you looking for a cost-efficient and flexible solution for storing goods or a temporary production facility to manage extra workload? A temporary industrial tent is the perfect solution in these and many other instances.

Our highly stabile, weather resistant temporary industrial tents are quickly assembled at any location and can be converted and expanded rapidly. Each one is tailor-made to meet your requirements and can have thermal insulation for temperature-sensitive goods, non-insulated walls and roof to protect goods from the weather, or as a simple canopy to facilitate loading and unloading. We regularly supply to logistics forwarders, retail companies, manufacturing industries, farms, aircraft manufacturers and sports clubs.

Each tent building is assembled from high-grade materials using first-class workmanship. Lightweight but strong aluminum beams form the framework of each construction. Robust, tear-resistant PVC sheeting or corrugated steel sheets and insulating sandwich panels form the walls and roof. These are fixed to the frame using high-performance steel parts. Each temporary industrial tent receives a certificate confirming its structural integrity and strength. Our payment methods include outright purchase for longer term use or hire if you only need the building temporarily.

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What is a temporary industrial tent?

Temporary industrial tents are not event tents, but rather buildings that provide businesses with short-term storage or production capacity. Most importantly, they can be installed at your existing facility on unused ground. No foundation is required for a temporary industrial tent as long as the ground is suitable for anchoring the building. Ideal surfaces for a temporary industrial tent include green areas, asphalt or concrete.

A temporary industrial tent provides you with unbeatable advantages and is distinguished by its flexible system design. Our industrial tents are available as canopies, non-insulated temporary storage buildings, and insulated buildings.

The temporary industrial tent’s framework is made of aluminum, which is highly stable but offers flexible building configuration options. Tear-resistant PVC sheets are used as roof coverings, which can withstand even the highest UV radiation exposure, heavy rain or frost. For wall cladding, we rely on PVC, corrugated sheet steel or sandwich panels for efficient thermal insulation. All materials for our temporary industrial tents are chosen for quality and strength but they are also made from recyclable raw materials that provide a long service life.

Possible uses of temporary industrial tents:

  • Storage
  • Loading
  • Picking
  • Covered sports facilities
  • Waste management
  • Covered walkways between buildings
  • Sales and exhibition areas
  • Production
  • Workshops
  • Service and repairs

The advantages of an industrial storage tent

Our temporary industrial tents can be customized to your exact requirements for size, use and location. Choose different roof materials, ground anchoring options, doors or lighting. Insulation can be provided for buildings where temperature sensitive goods will be stored or employees will work.

We manufacture our large industrial tents in Germany and install each lightweight assembly on site for you. Consequently, construction, transportation and assembly costs can be kept down and your temporary industrial tent’s cost effectiveness increased.

Why hire or buy a temporary industrial tent building from HR-Structures?

You have the option to make use of our industrial tent rental, but we also have industrial tents for sale – in any case, you benefit from our 360-degree service. We take time over the initial consultation and provide seamless support throughout the manufacturing, delivery and assembly of your temporary industrial tent building. With options to purchase or hire depending on length of proposed use, HR-Structures temporary industrial tents provide the perfect solution.

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How is the tent building fixed to the ground?

There are different mounting options, which vary depending on the type of building, service life, and the ground on which the building will stand. As a rule, when there is no foundation, we fix these buildings in place using ground nails or dowels. Further options such as ballasting or foundations without concrete are also possible.

What materials are used?

PVC sheet

Industrial PVC sheets are used for walls and roofs of some of our buildings. They are extremely durable and can be used for many years depending on the load. In addition to fast assembly, a quick replacement or repair is also possible in the event of damage.

Aluminum and steel parts

The main elements of the frame consist of extruded aluminum profiles that exceed current British safety standards. All steel parts are galvanized to prevent corrosion.

Corrugated sheet steel and insulating sandwich panels

Any of our industrial buildings can be assembled using corrugated sheet metal as well and sandwich panels. The corrugated sections are made of a galvanized steel sheet and the sandwich panels are made of a rigid foam core with different thicknesses of insulation.

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