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Temporary Workshops: creating space for your production

If you need more space in your existing workshop or increased on-site capacity for assembly or maintenance, a temporary workshop building from HR-Structures is the perfect solution. Lightweight, prefabricated workshop buildings are manufactured, delivered and quickly assembled on site without the need for foundations.

To provide a comfortable working environment for staff, insulated walls and roofs are specified along with partitioned areas to create break rooms and other facilities.

Temporary workshop buildings are designed to be the right size for lifting platforms, vehicles, materials, tool storage, lathes and other machinery and tools. We ensure all legal requirements for fire and noise protection are met and certify our buildings structural integrity against wind and snow loads.

What is a temporary workshop building?

A prefabricated industrial workshop building is the perfect alternative to a permanent building if you need more space for repair work, maintenance processes or assembly in the short or long term. It is suitable for a wide range of different industries and engineering, maintenance, repair and other workshop roles. As there’s no need for a foundation, a temporary workshop building can be quickly installed and securely fastened to numerous substrates such as asphalt, concrete, or even grassed areas using various fixing methods. These temporary workshops can also be moved or extended at any time.

The advantages of a temporary workshop

  • Highly customisable in size, scope, equipment and location
  • Quick assembly
  • No foundation needed
  • Easily expanded and moved
  • High-quality materials
  • Easily adapted for your operational procedures
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Buy or hire.

General Advantages of Temporary Buildings



From consulting to design and static measuring to delivery and installation – our offered services optimally complement one another.



Systems from canopies to non-insulated to insulated models with sandwich panelling in the roof and at the side – our buildings are universally deployable.

Fast delivery times

Fast delivery times

You need short-term space solutions? We produce and deliver your desired tent in the shortest possible time.



Cost-efficient, reusable and long-lasting – top-quality products “made in Germany” at fair prices.

Service life

Service life

Permanent structures or a temporary solution? Our building systems cover any duration of use. You can decide between renting or purchasing a light-weight building.

Insulated temporary industrial workshops

Any workshop must be suitable for workers, so all our temporary industrial workshop buildings meet Occupational Health and Safety rules concerning working environment. These state that a room temperature of at least 12 °C or higher must be provided for medium to heavy activities. In addition, recreation rooms and sanitary facilities must be available and sufficient light must be provided.

Our temporary workshop buildings are tailor made to your requirements for building size, scope of activity, and equipment requirements. This also means that we can construct our temporary workshops with extensive thermal insulation included. Walls are clad with strong insulated sandwich panels and a sophisticated double layer thermal PVC forms the roof. In combination, these materials deliver highly efficient thermal insulation. The cladding is flame-retardant according to DIN 4102-B1 and is available in different colors in either translucent or opaque form. Finally, our temporary workshop buildings meet all fire protection and sound insulation requirements.

Temporary industrial workshops from HR-Structures

As a pioneer in the industry, HR-Structures has specialized in the manufacture of high-quality, lightweight, pre-built and temporary industrial buildings for many years. Our solutions are versatile and can be used as workshop buildings or tailored for use as production facilities, storage warehouses, logistics handling and many more applications.

All our products including temporary workshop buildings are made from strong, light aluminum frames, PVC coverings, galvanized steel parts including corrugated sheet steel, and insulated sandwich panels. They can be specified and installed as open-sided canopies, non-insulated temporary storage buildings or insulated buildings.

Our comprehensive support starts with the first consultation and covers everything up to the handover of the installed temporary workshop building. While you work directly with our UK experts, construction of the pre-assembled Workshop is carried out to the highest quality and tightest tolerances in our factory in Germany.

Our UK experts can also help with advice on all questions relating to current industry building standards and regulations regarding planning permission, occupational safety measures and fire protection.

We will be happy to advise you personally and answer your questions about temporary workshops and other temporary buildings. Contact us now.

Our services & your advantages

Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority. Our qualified employees are available worldwide to provide you with advice.


Whether you prefer to rent, finance or purchase – you will always find a suitable solution in our range of products.


Our company has been certified pursuant to the latest standards and guidelines.

Full Service

From manufacturing to transport to a fully installed tent and building construction.

Made in Germany

From planning and construction to our own manufacturing in Germany – we will deliver your product in the requested time frame and quality.

Design & Innovation

From planning and construction to our own manufacturing in Germany – we will deliver your product in the requested time frame and quality.

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